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                About Us
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                About Us

                Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company

                Main Products: Waterproof Breathable Fabric,Soft Shell Fabric,Functional Fabric,Microfiber Fabric,Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

                Location: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

                Year Established: 2009

                Number of Employees: 51 - 100 People

                Total Revenue: US$5 Million - US$10 Million

                Main Markets: Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South America, North America

                Product Certifications: Test Report,Test Report,Test Report

                Average Lead Time: 20 Day(s)


                Suzhou City Wujiang Winsun Textile Technology CO., LTD is manufacturer and trader. We have a knitting factory and a weave factory. We have an excellent R&D team. They all graduated from weave engineering. And most of them have more than ten years experience. We inspect each meter fabric before delivery. Advanced technology, excellent equipment and strict quality managing system ensure steady quality of products and delivery time.


                WINSUNTEX specializes in making waterproof breathable fabric and microfiber fabric, Such as PU, TPU, PTFE laminated fabric and PU coated fabric etc. Waterproof breathable fabrics are used for raincoat, sportswear, skiing wear, softshell Jacket etc. Microfiber fabrics are used for microfiber cleaning cloth, towel, bathrobe etc.


                "Continuous innovation, quality first" is our principle. We are committed to developing new products and providing you with fast, efficient and friendly service. We would like to build steady co-operation and prosperity together.

                Copyright (C) 2014 All Rights Reserved Suzhou Wujiang Winsun Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Technical Support:Huicheng
                Add:No.1988, North Ring Road,Shengze Town, Wujiang,Suzhou, Jiangsu,China. Tel:0512-63066860 63066386 Fax:0512-63066865